Worst wedding fails from Toronto wedding DJs to wedding guests

A wedding resembles eternal love, happiness, celebration and unity. That is, unless you invite any of these 8 people to your wedding. Here’s a collection of wedding disasters that have been caught on film to give you a good laugh. From local wedding DJ to mishaps by the best man, I’ve coalesced the best sources for you to enjoy and avoid if you have an upcoming wedding.

There’s no shortage of ‘fail’ videos on the net, but what makes wedding fails more epic and sad at the same time is that, weddings are usually a once in a lifetime event and to have a something go wrong makes it that much more intriguing to watch.

Top 8 wedding fails


8) Wedding photographer takes a plunge

7) Poor bride

At least it wasn’t a busy ceremony.

6) Maybe a wedding by a pool isn’t the best idea

5) I doubt he’ll be voted Top wedding DJ of the year

4) Bride on fire

What ever happened to stop, drop and roll?

3) Groom wants cake

2) Long and painful to watch

Lesson learned – Make sure your Toronto party DJ is experienced!

1) Girl goes wild

Everything is fine and dandy until a certain guest tests her alcohol consumption limits. Gives ‘Showstopper’ a whole new meaning.

My number one advice is: DO NOT be stingy when it comes to hiring quality services for a wedding, especially for Wedding DJ services. Have you seen any outrageous wedding fail clips? Share the link with us or tell us a story you experienced. Find me on Facebook and/or Twitter and join in on the conversation.