It’s that time of year again, yes, the time for a new Persian DJ Mix. I wasn’t going to make one this quick, instead I was going to wait until DJ Borhan Mix 7 got released, which would be in March 2013 for Norooz. However, I’ve got a lot of requests for a new mix and since there has been a good number of new Persian songs released, it’s only fitting I deliver. With over 35 of the hottest, newest Persian songs that have been released in 2012, you can be assured it’s going to be a HOT mix.

Songs for the new Persian DJ Mix

Unlike my yearly Norooz mixes (mixes 1 -6) this new Persian DJ mix will not contain all ‘Shad Persian dance songs’. Instead, I’m going to incorporate every popular genre from Persian house, Persian pop right down to slow Persian songs.  Most of the fans to my Facebook page like Spanish music, so that will be incorporated as well. It’s going to be a beauty :). The only types of Persian songs I will not put in the Mix will be older Persian classics; that will be saved for my Norooz Mix in March ;). As always, I take requests, so feel free to request a song that you really like and I will try to put it in the Persian mix.

Where to get the 2012 Persian DJ Mix

The Persian mix will first be released on my Facebook page, so LIKE the page to get updates on it before anyone else. I will also post it on YouTube and SoundCloud so you can download it free. You can also hear it along with all my other mixes on my website The mix will also be distributed on CD at my Persian events in Toronto.

You can leave your song requests as a comment below or on Facebook and Twitter.