Wedding DJ and Music

A wedding in the family is of course the best occasion and excuse to throw a lavish party with all the bells and whistles. And when it comes to providing entertainment for your favored guests, what better way of creating the right impression than arranging for the best Persian music!

Persian Wedding

Yes, Persian music with its mesmerizing tunes and exotic lyrics will transport your guests to a different world where haunting melodies from ancient times create magic and memories. Hiring a Persian DJ for wedding who specializes in Iranian music will ensure that your wedding party is truly different and offers a novel experience for your guests.

Persian wedding music is an amalgamation of unfettered joy and mysticism. While traces of sonati tunes create a spiritual ambience, the traditional tunes of the music lend a touch of gaiety to the occasion. Together, they are a celebration of the life and harbinger of new beginnings, which is what wedding music should be all about.

Persian DJ

At Persian weddings, the most popular songs are performed during the reception or the Aroosi. This is when all the guests and hosts come together for hours of music and fun accompanied by some great dancing. Persian music is truly exhilarating and energizing and it is common to see all the guests, irrespective of age or gender, join in for a wonderful time. In fact, you will be excused if you take off your shoes in order to dance more comfortably!