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You know it's March when the SUPERMIX CD comes out. Or should I say it's vise versa?! Either way, it's a good time of year. Norooz is around the corner, people are happy and there's an explosive Persian dance DJ mix to vibe to.
Persian DJ mix new 2012- dj borhan

DJ Borhan Persian DJ Mix Fall 2012

As we head into Fall, most of us drench the thought of Winter approaching. However, there are a few positives you can use to enlighten yourself:
DJ Borhan Persian Rap vs American Hip Hop mix

DJ Borhan Persian Rap vs Hip Hop Mix

After an overwhelming number of requests, I've put together a Persian Rap DJ mix. Kind of a surprise mix, as it wasn't
persian party dj mix

DJ Borhan Party Bazi Persian Mix

2014 is in and BAM! I got a new Persian DJ mix for you filled with strictly the best Iranian party dance songs. :) This Persian mix will...

DJ Borhan Just Me Mix

After the success of the previous 6 Persian DJ Mix Albums of DJ Borhan from the 360 show, and on the great demand...
dj borhan persian mix 7

DJ Borhan Mix 7

Norooz 1393 just passed and well, in Toronto it felt like a day in mid January. However, that didn't stop people from getting into the Persian Bazaars and such. It may not have felt like Spring, but...
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DJ Borhan 2014 Fall Mix

It's been a long time coming, but the time finally came. DJ Borhan 2014 Fall Mix released on my 360 show on this...
DJ Borhan Supermix 2

DJ Borhan Supermix 2

DJ Borhan Persian dance mix was released in March 2015 for the Iranian New Year called Norooz. Enjoy this 2015 Norooz party mix, with collection...
baby DJ

New Website, New Club Mix, New Rock Mix

Just finished revamping my website and I've added to it a few English DJ mixes for people to enjoy. A classic Rock MashUp mix and a couple Club top40...