New year, new vibes, new music, new Persian DJ mix. 😉

My latest mix, the 10th episode of the DJ Borhan 360 show, is an addendum of the Just Me series. The Just Me series is a collection of Persian songs I put together without any outside factors influencing the song selections. I basically take whatever I want to hear on a mix and put it together without requests or feedback unlike the SUPERMIX or Fall Mixes.

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1. Hamed Homayoun – Sheydaei
2. Behnam Safavi – Vaghte Eshghe
3. Black Cats – Dafi Joon
4. Hamed Homayoun – Chatre Khis
5. Mehdi Jahani ft Alishmas – Madyoonam Be To
6. Hamed Homayon – Chenin Konam Chenan Konam
7. Majid Eslahi – Nafas
8. Mohsen Chavoshi – Sheydaei
9. Ehsan Khaje-Amiri – Bi Tafavot
10. Hamed Homayoun – Be Cheshmat Ghasam
11. Hamed Homayoun – Khoda Hamin Havalie
12. Masoud Sadeghloo ft Mehdi Hosseini – Divoone Bazi
13. Mehdi Jahani ft Alishmas – Zibatar As To
14. Saleh rezaei – Male Mane
15. Emad Talebzadeh – Mage Darim
16. Mehdi Ahmadvand – Bia Bia
17. Hamed Homayoun – Divoonegi
18. Alishmas ft Mehdi Jahani – Ey Joonam

19. Shakira ft Maluma – Chantaje
20. Mehdi Jahani ft Alishmas – Adat Kardam
21. Kamran & Hooman – Eshghe Chize Ajibiye Jedan
22. Sami Beigi – To Khoobi
23. Amir Farjam – Kharej As Shookhi
24. Sasy – Salam
25. Saad Lamjarred – Lamaalem
26. Sahar – Ey Vay
27. Mohsen Yeganeh – Vabastegi
28. Ali Lohrasbi – Roozaye Khoob
29. Sina Shabankhani – Man Bi To
30. Shahab Ramezan – Khoshbakhtie Ma
31. Amir Tataloo – Donya
32. Ali Abdolmaleki – Kam Kam
33. Sirvan Khosravi – Soojehat Tekrarie
34. Sharomin – Saaghi
35. Shadmehr Aghili – Faghat Ba To Eshgham
36. Sasy ft DJ Mamsi – Esmesh Yadam Nist

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Upcoming DJ Mix

I’ve got so many Persian DJ mixes in mind, but so little time. 🙁 What is high on the priority list is another All Out exclusive artist mix. The last one was dedicated to Moein, specifically his golden oldies. Check out the All Out Moein Mix if you haven’t. The next mix may just be an All Out Andy Mix. 😉

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