A destination wedding like no other

When it comes to DJ-ing events, destination weddings are by far my favourite. Experiencing a new atmosphere, a different venue, the variety of food, the amazing weather, and the diversity of people all add to the unique experience. Lately, Mexico has become a real hot spot for hosting destination weddings. I have three coming up in 2016 alone. Although it is A LOT of fun doing the work, it also comes with a ton of responsibilities. Given it’s the DJs job to make sure everyone is entertained (arguably the most important aspect of the wedding) a lot of work goes into making it a success. The bride and groom have spent a lot of time and money on this one night and it’s the job of the destination wedding DJs job to make sure every second counts.

Kati & Shayan

One great thing about having a destination wedding is that if you are importing a DJ, you are not limited to the local talents of your city. You can hire your favourite DJ from anywhere around the world. This was the case when Kati and Shayan chose to have their wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico. Originally from Iran but living in Dallas Texas, they sought out their favourite Iranian wedding DJ and flew me in from Toronto to rock their wedding! 🙂

Having listened to my Persian DJ mixes and being familiar with my name and work, their choice was easy. We had a Skype meeting and once they told me the type of music they were looking for, the rest was history. As the wedding drew closer, I had packed tons of  electric songs into a playlist ready to light the dance floor up!

The Wedding Begins

I arrived at the villa ready to perform and was taken back by the beauty. The wedding ceremony was nothing short of gorgeous. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, they had a traditional Iranian Aghd followed by some light Persian music for after the recessional, which I had recompiled playlist for. A Salsa band took over for cocktails, which was a perfect addition for the environment.

DJ Booth and Stage Setup

The DJ booth had been setup ON THE pool! A savvy Audio Visual team of four came in during the earlier morning hours and setup a glass stage in the middle of the swimming pool, overlooking the dancefloor with a gorgeous Ocean view background.

The DJ equipment was incredible too. You would assume that the DJ and sound equipment would not be a on par with industry standards, however, they over exceeded my expectations. I choose the setup I wanted to perform in advance and everything worked perfectly. A clean DJ setup consisting of 2 Pioneer CDJ2000’s and a DJM900Nexus mixer ($10,000 value). This was a DJs dream come true, since all I had to take with me was my music.

No controllers or fake DJ equipment

A Private Villa

Did I mention that the venue was absolutely gorgeous? A private villa with a back view of the Pacific Ocean. This is probably the most gorgeous stetting I have had the pleasure of performing at. This is why having an experienced wedding planner, specifically one who specializes in destination events is handy. They know the ins and outs of creating the dream wedding.

The Eventeur were the wedding planners of the night and they were spot on! Every detail was orchestrated from them and it all went down so perfect.

Must say, this is prob the most beautiful #DJ setup I've performed at. Shoutout to Eventeur Planners for this amazing setup and hard work in Cabo Mexico

Posted by Borhan Rouhani on Friday, March 4, 2016

From The Bride and Groom

The wedding went strong until 2:30am! This is why I love being a destination wedding DJ. Seeing people party 5 hours non-stop to my music selections then leaving you feedback like the one below. It gives you a thrill like nothing else.

If you’re having a destination wedding, I highly recommend ditching the typical hotel resorts and getting a private villa.  I also recommend choosing an experienced wedding DJ who has great reviews, a reputable name and has DJed for destination weddings in the past.


Photo credit: TheLoveStudio.net