Everyone has had a lovely day, the ceremony was filled with smiles and the odd emotional tear, the reception meal was just lavish and now you need the perfect wedding DJ to set your evening party on fire! It is important to pick the right wedding DJ as you don’t want someone turning up playing the worst tunes you could easily have left behind in your childhood.

From experience here is a tip that is really important. Some wedding DJ’s are lazy.

Percussionist for wedding,¬†They will tell you that you cannot make a list up of songs you want to hear on the night, and you know what else? If you want to ask for a microphone they are going to charge you extra. Do not let them have their cake and eat it! If they really want the work, they will put in the work to give you the playlist you want. They will also be providing the PA (speakers) so they will have all the technical requirements to plug in a microphone, it doesn’t cost them much more to have a basic microphone as part of their kit. So don’t let them give you the run around of “I’m a really busy due to the demand” – if they really were truly in demand they would be conscientious!

As an experienced DJ and live percussionist I have shopped around myself doing the research of what the competition is and absolutely cannot believe the cheek of a lot of agencies and freelance DJ’s. I really give value for money, I will let people make a list of what they want to hear, turn up with a microphone just in case AND play live percussion along with the tracks!

When I’m smiling because I’m having fun performing this always seems to transfer into the party really going somewhere great!!!

So the conclusion today is “If your paying good money don’t be scared to ask for exactly what you want!”

If your not sure what it is to ask for then please come and read the article “How to pick the right musicians” here:

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