Wedding celebrations and corporate events are typically entertained with a state-of-the-art sound system and musical equipment. Although some people may go for a DIY sound and speaker system, if you’re looking for A grade performance it is critical that you hire a reputable Toronto DJ service that does not compromise on equipment.  It may save on your budget and be ecenomical, but if you’re spending a lot of money on your event, do you really want it to go to waste with a half-ass speaker system? Poor sound quality, feedback, distortion and clipping are just some ways poor sound equipment can jeopardize your event.

First of all, when fixing the sound system you may not get the state of the art equipment that is necessary for sound quality and creating balance according to the space. Secondly, every room or hall needs a particular installment of speakers. Rooms with low ceiling require lower wattage speaker systems while on the other hand the high ceiling rooms and hall demand a higher performing sound system set.

Thus, to avoid any undesirable mishap of sound system during the event it is advisable to hire a Professional DJ service that will be responsible for the entire sound setup. Professional DJ’s use modern equipment for the event and a reputable DJ does not compromise on the performance of the equipment. Although the price may be just a bit higher, you’ll know you are getting the best performance out of the most critical element of the night: the entertainment. A professional DJ can use his expertise and experience to judge what type of equipment should be used according to the space and place of the venue.

With your Toronto wedding DJ arranging the sound system and the music you do not have to worry about the sound quality, distortions during the events and unwanted buzzes that can ruin the flow of  your event. A live DJ infuses immeasurable energy and style to your wedding.

The prices vary for every event. The equipment for a small backyard wedding is different from a big hall wedding with around 300 guests. For example, just the DJ setup I personally use costs over $8,000. 2 Technic turntables and a Pioneer DJM900SRT mixer. The music is loaded on control records on a high performance Macbook Pro. This is the industry standard. The equipment most elite nightclub around the world offer.

It’s not using this equipment. It requires more skill more experience and it costs more, but in turn you get a DJ who knows what it takes for the ultimate party. It’s like going to a graphic artist who only knows how to use Microsoft Paint vs someone who is proficient at Photoshop. Just imagine the difference in quality; that’s the difference in entertainment you’ll get.

As a wedding DJ in Toronto, I make sure that the sound system and music remains up to the mark during the whole event without creating distortions or unwanted sound buzzes.

Whether, it is a traditional party you are planning or a wedding party with high music, a professional DJ with sound system is the right choice!