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One of the main reasons you hire a local DJ service is to get people dancing and KEEP them dancing all night. One thing I commonly hear when meeting with potential clients is, “We went to a wedding X amount of weeks ago and the songs weren’t DJ mixed”. I think to myself, “This is why wedding DJs have a bad rep.” Besides playing good music, the basic prerequisite in being a DJ is knowing how to: beat match songs (this takes minimum 2 years of practice), know what songs go well with each other and transition songs smoothly. It boggles my mind when those qualities are overlooked.

With the introduction of the Auto-Sync button on most DJ software, there’s been a rise in overnight DJs. It’s kind of like Auto-Tune for singers, it basically beat-matches 2 songs for you. What it DOESN’T do is tell you what songs go well with each other, and when to cue songs for the transition, (yet). This is where most upcoming DJs fault on their mixing. Of course there’s no issue with making mistakes, however, there is when you pass yourself as a professional DJ, only to surprise the guests in dismay when the party starts.

Commonly, there’s two ways ‘Auto-Sync DJs’ blend songs:

1. Fade the upcoming song in at the end of the current playing song.

2. Crossover between two songs without aligning the beats.

Both ways are not proper and will cause a disturbance during the dance party. What you want to have is one rhythmic flow of energy that goes from song to another.

Here’s a great clip that demonstrates the points I mentioned.

[quote_center]”If it sounds good then let it be”[/quote_center]

I couldn’t agree more! The problem is when beats aren’t matched properly

A) It doesn’t sound good

B) It kills the vibe on the dance-floor

Not many people can notice a smooth song-to-song transition, but it makes a world of a difference during the dance party. Here’s a small list of ways a party can be ruined if the Toronto DJ service you hire can’t beat match songs properly.

dj beat mixing

2. Momentum loss

When songs are properly blended, the energy on the dance-floor flows. There is no interruption. There is no awkwardness. Guests dance and party without stoppage. If songs aren’t blended properly, it gives guests a reason to leave for a smoke, drink, talk, or to just have a seat.

1. Diminishing overall look

Hiring a DJ who can’t professionally mix songs is like purchasing a cake that looks great, but tastes awful. If you’re holding an upscale event, it will just downgrade the overall presentation. Your wedding or corporate event may look like you’ve opted for the cheaper entertainment option.

This video may come off as a little corny, but his points are bang on!

Obviously a DJ isn’t going to tell you truthfully whether he can blend songs without a Sync button, so finding the right GTA DJ will be no easy task. Here are a few qualification methods that can help in finding the best Toronto DJ.

3. Online DJ mixes

I’m hesitant to say, ‘check if they have online DJ mixes’. This used to be a good way; however, what you see online may not be what you get. It’s a good starting point, but don’t rely on this for your primary method. If they have periodic mixes like an online podcast or have mixes that date back to early 2000’s, then it’s a safer bet.

2. See the DJ in action

This is probably the best way. Have a first-hand look at the DJ performing live. You may only be allowed to attend their public events (nightclubs, etc.), but you’ll get an idea of how they can keep the energy on the dance-floor flowing and transition between songs.

1. Ask them on their equipment

If the DJ mentions only a laptop and speakers, you’re better off just getting an iPod to do the job. If they mention a DJ console or mixer with speakers and laptop, that is more promising.



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