Toronto Wedding Decor Services

You’re having a wedding. You’re spending a gargantuan amount of money on ultimately impressing your guests. What if I told you some of the most noticeable decor effects that will WOW your guests may be the cheapest? Sign you up? Sure, follow along.

Lighting creates a mood. Whether you want dance floor lighting to create a party mood or decor up lighting to create a relaxing and upscale environment, lighting can have a tremendous effect.

Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Here is a quick briefing on wedding up lights. Basically, up lighting is a series of lights set up around a room (or outside) that beams a light from the floor to the ceiling. Done correctly, it can be a true spectacle. Used commonly by wedding venues, they provide ambiance and an elegant look when installed properly.

The great thing about wedding decor up lights is the astonishing instant effect it has on guests the second they walk into your wedding reception hall. Secondly, it is suited for all budgets. Toronto wedding DJs who provide this service usually price wedding up lights from $20 – $40. This means you can have this amazing wedding decor effect setup and installed for under $400 at most venues.

Wedding Up-light Ideas

LED up lights can be used in a combo with other effects such as pin spotting or as a lone effect. Use them to light up your walls, pillars or columns, highlight the head table and bring attention to the cake table or any element you wish. I’ve had events where up lighting was used to subtly complement a specific area of the venue reception, where it was not too distracting or flashy. I’ve also had events where up lighting was taken to the max; LED lights lit up every aspect of the room giving it a fairy tale Disney effect. It all comes down to the theme you have in mind and want to portray.


Here are a few tips and considerations before you hire a Toronto wedding entertainment company to install wedding venue up lights:

  • Make sure the Toronto DJ service you hire to install up lights includes in the contract any hidden charges, setup/install charges or other services fees.
  • Use LED up lights and not traditional par cans. LEDs are more advanced than the traditional gel format. They consume less power, do not over heat, provide an array of colours instantly, are not fire hazardous and provide brighter more luminous colours.
  • LED Par 64 cans are the industry’s leading up lighting systems. They are of the highest quality (unless you’re thinking of using up lights for theatrical purposes). Ask the Toronto party DJ if they provide these types of lights. This will ensure you get strong quality light beams that reach to the ceiling without fading out half way.
  • Hire a pro to install! You want all the cables and wires professional installed and taped down. Dangling wires is unsafe and takes away from your receptions beauty.

Wedding Up lighting Gallery

Here are some photos to give you an idea of what can be achieved with wedding decor up lights. You can use them subtly to draw attention to a focal point or you can mix them with pin spots or wall washes to bring an even more illumining effect.

Finding A Toronto Wedding Pro

Finding a professional to supply and install wedding venue up lights may not be that difficult, however, finding someone who provides quality may be. Firstly, talk to friends and family if they have dealt with anyone in the past that they would recommend. You can also ask your Toronto wedding DJ if this is a service they offer. If you’ve hired a Toronto wedding planner, they usually know the in’s and out’s in hiring a professional. When you do decide to contract someone for your wedding venue up lights make sure you ask them the list of considerations I stated above.

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