Wedding CD - DJ Borhan

Weddings are the most special time of a bride and groom’s life. The preparation for the big event can be overwhelming. From choosing the right flowers, decor, Toronto DJ service and entertainment to the makeup artist, all of the above will have a lasting effect in memory and in pictures. The wedding photographer would capture all the beautiful moments on camera, but that usually takes 6 months to a year before it is finalized and given to the bride and groom. As a wedding DJ in Toronto, I wanted to somehow give the bride and groom and their families a token that would remind them of their wedding within weeks of their big night.

Wedding CDs

Wedding CDs, not to be confused with ‘Custom Wedding CDs’ that I provide, is a free service that I include in all my wedding packages. What this CD consists of is pretty much anything that has to do with the bride and groom’s wedding. Songs that are chosen from the bride and groom such as: entrance songs, first dance song, etc. I also record all the speeches, toasts, and the wedding ceremony commencement, then master the audio and put it on the CD as well.

The wedding MC, in my opinion, has the most important duty of the night. The MC will go around and gets guests to give a short talk about the bride and groom during cocktail or free hours. To wrap it up, I take a picture of the bride and groom which I will use as the cover of the CD, along with the date when it gets printed. It turns out to look something like this:

Pretty awesome eh? When you’re shopping around for a Toronto wedding DJ, consider this option. It is not a crucial element; however it does provide you with a hard-copy of your special night. A token you can pass to friends and family or keep in the wedding album.