A GTA wedding DJ is not just someone who holds the mic. and belts out great songs and music for the entertainment of your guests on the dance floor. There is much more to picking the right wedding entertainment than you may think.

Wedding DJ Checklist

When you hire a wedding DJ, you are also asking the GTA DJ entertainment providers to take care of certain things when they come to the event. This means that the sound system that they intend to set up must be done well in advance. There should be no visible wires when your guests start arriving and also none of the equipment should be lying strewn in the wedding venue or podium obstructing movement or simply looking disorganized. This may leave a bad impression on the guests as well. If you want the wedding DJ to be dressed in a particular way or refrain from saying certain things, you must make sure you inform the entertainment team providers beforehand.

Key Things To Ask Your Wedding DJ

You must ask the wedding DJ setup service providers to be present at the event well before the time the party is to begin and also to keep you informed about the service or entertainment plan that they have in mind for your event. You can also ask if they have any pictures of what a typical setup may look like. This may help if you pay small attention to detail and would want your wedding reception décor to look perfect. It may sound obvious but it is very important that any loose wire be taped or strapped down or hidden for safety reasons.

Example of what you DON’T want at your wedding reception.

horrible dj setup system

Example of what a professional DJ setup should look similar to.

professional dj system setup
dj system setup toronto

 Wedding DJ Dress Code

You spend numerous hours crafting your wedding reception hall. All your guests arrive in proper attire, the last thing you would want is a performer not dressed up to par. Although this may not happen with reputable experienced Disc Jockey companies, it’s always a safe bet to double check the dress code your hired wedding entertainment team will have. If you have a particular theme you may want to run this by the DJ entertainment team to see if they can be accommodating to it.

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