A wedding MC aka Master of Ceremony is a guiding light to the guests at the wedding. Since many of the guests may not be known to each other, it is the party MC who sets the ball rolling when it comes to informing the people at the wedding party about what’s coming up next. Every sequence of events is choreographed by the MC. This is an important role as it keeps the program organized and your guests informed of what is happening next. Two key elements I stress to couples getting married is to make sure you have a good wedding DJ and MC and dancefloor lights. Both of these can be purchased for a very low price yet have such a big impact on the overall presentation of your wedding reception. Here’s why when it comes to wedding entertainment, you just have to have a good MC.

Choosing The Right MC?

The right person for this job would be someone who is very confident, enthusiastic about his job and is a people person. Someone who can entertain a large number of guests or each person individually would suffice. If you think this could be a difficult job, you need to hire the services of a professional party DJ and MC who knows just how to go about this job. Before hiring a wedding MC, ask him about approximately how many events he has conducted so far. Experience plays a big role in this. Preferably, you may want to go with someone you have seen in performance or has been referred. Many times people like to have their own MC within the family. This shouldn’t be a problem so long as the person chosen to MC has the credentials to entertain. Since the MC will host the night it is also crucial to go over their attire. Making sure the MC is dressed appropriately (formal suit) will portray professionalism from the wedding entertainment.

Credentials of the MC

As explained above, confidence is a must! It takes a lot more than just getting behind a podium and greeting guests. One must bring the energy and excite that a wedding reception requires. The tone and vocabulary used are essential. The guests will always feed off the energy of the host, so you need someone who can bring that energy to the wedding reception. A typical wedding MC will start the night off with an introduction, skim through the sequence of events, introduce the guests of honor and proceed into the program.

More Than A MC

The wedding MC will keep your guests entertained by:

  • Involving them in party games (if any)
  • Cajoling them to get to the dance floor.
  • Engage the guests on the dance-floor by providing energy on the microphone.
  • Make all the important announcements throughout the wedding party.

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