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Blogging on life as a Toronto wedding DJ. Experiences, suggestions and cool trends to look out for.

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Hire a Good DJ for Great Wedding Photographs

After your wedding is over, all you will have to remember it by is your memories and some great photos. A great way to ensure amazing wedding clicks filled with fun, frolic and...
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Modern & Traditional Persian weddings

All weddings are beautiful as they represent the union of two loving souls. But there is something unreal and mysterious about a typical Persian wedding...
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Gold Wedding Theme Ideas

Weddings are all about celebrations and showing off your bond of love to the world. Perhaps that’s why gold has always had a prestigious connection to...
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Ultimate wedding tips you need to know

When you are gearing up for the most important day of your life, your wedding, you should know that a little planning will take you a long way, especially if you...
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Top 5 wedding apps to have

When you are super excited about your wedding, your mind is automatically tuned to all kinds of stuff that could help you sail through your big day...
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Tips for Choosing Lighting for Your Wedding Reception

Lights are an all important part of any do. Lights can be used to create a desired effect. At your wedding reception, lights set the mood for the occasion. If you want a soft romantic setting, opt for...
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Choosing the music for your wedding reception

There is little doubt that music is the mainstay of any party. At a wedding reception, music is the heart and soul. The fact that you must hire a professional band or DJ is a no brainer. This is the biggest night of your life, why take...
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What you should know before hiring a wedding DJ

Given the importance of Toronto wedding DJs, you must interview several performers before taking a final call. Talk to each of them armed with a questionnaire to ensure...

6 Destination Wedding DJ Hiring Tips

Destination weddings are becoming more popular and for all the right reasons. I strongly suggest...
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Wedding Up-lights That Will Transform Your Wedding

You're having a wedding. You're spending a gargantuan amount of money on ultimately impressing your guests. What if I told you some of the most noticeable decor effects that will WOW your guests may.