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Blogging on life as a Toronto wedding DJ. Experiences, suggestions and cool trends to look out for.


REAL WEDDING: Natalie & Milad

A fashion forward couple's chic wedding with outdoor fireworks, endless dancing and stunning photos.
Persian aghd ceremony - DJ Borhan

Modern & Traditional Persian weddings

All weddings are beautiful as they represent the union of two loving souls. But there is something unreal and mysterious about a typical Persian wedding...

Why a Video-DJ event will make your next party SOO much...

Why have a good party when you can have a great party? The Video-DJ (VDJ) is an extremely popular effect used in international clubs and venues. This is...
Persian wedding in Mexico

REAL WEDDING: Kati & Shayan (Destination Wedding)

When it comes to DJ-ing events, destination weddings are by far my favourite. Experiencing a new atmosphere, a different venue, the variety of food, the amazing weather, and the diversity of people all add to the unique experience

Persian, Arabic, Hip Hop wedding in Toronto

Heading into Aylar and Mark's wedding on January 11, 2014, I knew it was going to be one for the books. Having DJ'ed their wedding engagement party I...
Persian wedding in Ottawa

REAL WEDDING: Hasti & Karim

Hasti & Karim's wedding was among my favourite weddings to DJ at this past summer. I already know when...
wedding uplights blue

2 wedding effect lights your wedding needs

Lights are an all important part of any party, creating a desirable effect. At your wedding reception, lights set the mood for the occasion. If you want a soft romantic setting, opt for soft-coloured lights. If you...

5 Disaster-Avoiding Tips Before Hiring A Toronto Wedding DJ

Your day has come and all the stress of the last 6 months is about to pay off. It's your wedding day and the last thing anyone would want is an unexpected disaster to ruin anything. The following are the 5 top points you want to take up with your wedding vendors to ensure a smooth and fun-filled night.

Hiring a Percussionist with Wedding DJ

Why adding a live drummer or percussionist to your wedding entertainment will take your party over the top!
Wedding bride surprise

How to save your wedding from shameless vendor advertising

You've spent all your valuable time and money organizing the dream wedding, you've consulted many, many, many professional wedding vendors and everything seems perfectly set. However, little do you know...