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Critical ‘Must Ask’ Questions Before Hiring A DJ

What to know before hiring a Toronto party DJ Finding the right Toronto DJ service can be a really overwhelming process, especially if you are...
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Hiring a good DJ service on a budget

When you are planning a party for a special event like a birthday, anniversary or a graduation night, your first consideration should be to arrange for some great music. Ideally, if you cannot...
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How Sound Equipment Affects the Party

Speakers and DJ setup have a lot to do with a Toronto DJ services performance. Make sure your local DJ isn't compromising on their equipment.
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Five mistakes to avoid when organizing a party

When you are organizing a party it’s easy to visualize a rocking event where people are busy enjoying themselves and praising your hosting skills. However, it’s much more difficult to...
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How to choose the right Toronto DJ service

When you are looking for a GTA DJ service, you will have to keep several factors in mind in order to...
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How the ultimate party by choosing the right DJ entertainment

When you're looking for a GTA DJ service, you will have to keep several factors in mind in order to safeguard your interests. In Toronto, there are a vast number of...
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The Difference Between Intelligent Lighting and Standard Lighting

Difference between Intelligent lighting and Standard lighting for your birthday party, wedding or corporate party events.
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Tips for planning a corporate event

As a brand you might have existing partnerships with celebrities, sportsmen or causes. You can ask for a brief representation in your event from your celebrity partners. This will draw media attention and will improve the marketing...
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Questions to Ask a New Disc Jockey Before Finalizing a Deal

The services of the wedding disc jockey has a big role to play in determining the “enjoyability quotient” of your wedding, choosing he wrong DJ can have a lot of...
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How to entertain wedding guests

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and you have probably spent months planning for it. Obviously, you would want your guests to