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How DJ Beat-matching Can Make or Break Your Party

See why proper DJ beat-matching can save your party from going down the drain. A perspective on how a Toronto DJ service can keep momentum...

Why a Video-DJ event will make your next party SOO much...

Why have a good party when you can have a great party? The Video-DJ (VDJ) is an extremely popular effect used in international clubs and venues. This is...
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How to choose the right Toronto DJ service

When you are looking for a GTA DJ service, you will have to keep several factors in mind in order to...
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How IMPROPER DJ mixing can ruin your party

One of the main reasons you hire a DJ is to get people dancing, and KEEP them dancing all night. One thing I commonly hear meeting with potential clients is, "we...
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How to save your wedding from shameless vendor advertising

You've spent all your valuable time and money organizing the dream wedding, you've consulted many, many, many professional wedding vendors and everything seems perfectly set. However, little do you know...
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Tips for planning a corporate event

As a brand you might have existing partnerships with celebrities, sportsmen or causes. You can ask for a brief representation in your event from your celebrity partners. This will draw media attention and will improve the marketing...
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What you should know before hiring a wedding DJ

Given the importance of Toronto wedding DJs, you must interview several performers before taking a final call. Talk to each of them armed with a questionnaire to ensure...
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Killer tips for hiring a destination wedding DJ

Getting married on a tropical island is becoming more and more common as it gives bride and grooms a more private and romantic wedding theme. Inviting friends and family over to a destination wedding can be an
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Critical ‘Must Ask’ Questions Before Hiring A DJ

What to know before hiring a Toronto party DJ Finding the right Toronto DJ service can be a really overwhelming process, especially if you are...

Questions to Ask a New Disc Jockey Before Finalizing a Deal

The services of the wedding disc jockey has a big role to play in determining the “enjoyability quotient” of your wedding, choosing he wrong DJ can have a lot of...