I often get asked why I don’t make enough Persian party music DJ mixes anymore.

My answer usually is, “I guess it’s what you define party music as”. I mean, there are songs some would dance to those others wouldn’t and vise-versa.

It is true though, most of my Persian music mixes of late have been more Club, Pop and new generation based, and these songs may not be so “dancy” to many. They are what’s hot though, and I like to make my mixes based on what’s recently hot.

I believe the last all-out Iranian dance mix I did was in 2014 for the Party Bazi podcast on Bia2.com. Thus, it was time to hit the decks and give you what you wanted. ?

My latest mix (as of this writing), the 12th episode of the DJ Borhan 360 show, is called the Bazam Party mix. I put together a set of dance songs, even if they are repeat songs from previous mixes, into one non-stop party Persian DJ mix.

Hope you like it!

Hamed Homayoun – Hakeme Ehsas
Hamed Homayoun – Ghesmat
Black Cats – Dafi Joon
Sasy Mankan – Ostad
Hossein Tohi ft Sami Beigi – Ba Man Miraghsi
Hamed Homayoun – Sheydai
Hamed Pahlan – Jore Dige
Hossein Tohi – Khodaya Mersi (DJ Mamsi remix)
Shahab Tiam – Bi Hashiye
Masoud Sadeghloo – Nazdiki Be Man
Amirhossein Eftekhari – Ey Yar
Puzzle Band ft Hamid Hiraad – Mashooghe
Puzzle Band – Delaaram remix

Behnam Bani – Ashegham Karde remix
Masoud Sadeghloo ft Mehdi Hosseini – Raft remix
Macan Band – Har Bar in Daro remix
Macan Band ft Puzzle Band – Delgiri remix
Puzzle Band – Aslan Delam Khast
Mohsen Yeganeh – Vabastegi
Ahmad Saeedi – Maste Mast
Eddie Attar – Azizam
Chris Porter – You Remind Me
J Balvin ft Willy William – Mi Gente
Ozuna – Si No Te Quiere
Maluma ft Marc Anthony – Felices Los 4
CNCO – Reggaeton Lento

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Upcoming DJ Mix

I’ve got so many Persian DJ mixes in mind, but so little time. 🙁 What is high on the priority list is another All Out exclusive artist mix. The last one was dedicated to Moein, specifically his golden oldies. Check out the All Out Moein Mix if you haven’t. The next mix may just be an All Out Andy or Ebi Mix. ?