Episode 9 of the DJ Borhan 360 Show was probably something out of the ordinary. Instead of doing a regular Persian music DJ mix, I decided to devote the entire set to one of Iran’s most prominent singers of all time, the legendary Moein.

I’ve always been a big fan Moein, partly because we’re both from Esfehan, and also because his songs are just great. 🙂


Choosing the songs was the tough part. He’s got so many great classics and new hits, the song selection actually took longer than I thought. I narrowed it down by giving a tribute to his older tracks and making the mix a throwback of Moein’s best hits.

1. Moein – Tannaz
2. Moein – Paricheh
3. Moein – Man Az Rah Omadam
4. Moein – Amon Amon
5. Moein – Khoneh
6. Moein – Hamseda
7. Moein – Zalem
8. Moein – Amma Nemishe

9. Moein – Ta Az Dar Omad
10. Moein – Yade To
11. Moein – Bigharar
12. Moein – Kaftar Kakol Be Sar
13. Moein – Sohbet Bekhair Azizam
14. Moein – Termeh o Atlas
15. Moein – Ghasam
16. Moein – Gozashte


I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback I’ve received from this Persian DJ mix. It’s the motivation that keeps my mixes coming. If you’ve got a suggestion for an upcoming mix, just drop me a line. 🙂

Upcoming Mix

I’m already in the works for a new Persian DJ mix and I’m excited about it! Episode 10 of the DJ Borhan 360 Show on Bia2.com will be a collection of the new Persian songs vs American dance songs.

Stay tuned as I plan to release this 2016 summer mix real soon.

Download and Stream

You can download this Persian music mix free or stream it from YouTube here: DJ Borhan Persian DJ Music Mix

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