If you are in charge of hiring a DJ for a wedding, this responsibility might be stressing you out right about now! You want to make sure not to mess up this task since it can make the difference between a memorable party and a dull evening. Are you also wondering who will serve as Master of Ceremonies at your wedding? If your whole family is uncomfortable with public speaking and if you don’t want them to miss the party because they are stressed out about their MC position, you may want to combine both and hire a DJ/MC. Some DJ’s specialize in entertaining guests musically as well as verbally. In order to determine who to hire, you need to know what you are looking for…

You should be looking for a DJ/MC that can guide your special evening professionally, smoothly and efficiently. An enjoyable wedding, has a good flow to it and runs effortlessly from the ceremony to the reception with toasts and short speeches as well as the traditional tosses. The DJ/MC at your wedding will be responsible of this ideal flow and will be the initiator in bringing your families and friends closer together through the celebration of your wedding.

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Of course you want to make this oh so special day memorable so you will no doubt be seeking fun and spontaneous moments on the dance floor. The disk jockey should have good equipment and should be very knowledgeable not only at playing the music you have selected and lighting up the dance floor with cool effects but he/she should also be at ease with creating a fun ambiance and bringing life to your party.

A DJ/MC’s job is much more than just playing music. This professional DJ can coordinate all the events of your reception such as the dinner, the first dance, the garter and bouquet toss and more. For this reason, it is very important to go over all the important details with your MC/DJ in order for things to run smoothly. This hired professional should also coordinate your special evening with the other vendors such as the hall personnel, the wedding coordinator and the photographer to make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Now that you know what you are looking for, you will need to select from a couple handfuls of DJ’s in your local area. You could ask friends and family about who they would recommend. Then, you should research them online. Once you have narrowed it down to a few, find a DJ with references. A wedding show is an ideal venue to meet many DJ’s and figure out if your personality meshes with the potential DJ/MC. Other than that, you can call them to ask questions and get prices to get an idea of their personality and if you like him/her. If you find the one you think you want, ask for references. The DJ should have many current references from happy brides and grooms and you should be offered to check up on these references if you want.

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To select the best wedding DJ that is also an MC, make sure you sit with them at a meeting and while explaining the details of your wedding, figure out if he/she is really The One for you. The following questions may help narrow it down:

– Is he/she willing to help you make the reception special and memorable?
– Will he/she be in charge at the hall so that you can relax, enjoy yourself while the DJ makes sure everything runs smoothly?

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