While planning your best day you should not forget about the entertainment for your guests that will make your wedding an unforgettable one. Incorporating live energetic drumming music makes your event an exclusive and unique party. You can easily enhance the atmosphere of your wedding reception party with drummers and a live percussionist to augment energy and music.  The vibrant music, the balanced beats, the energy the instruments render to the party are the things that make you and your guests remember the wedding that was filled with excitement, energy and pure happiness.

When it comes to entertainment most people cannot decide between live music and a wedding DJ. But the combination of both provides you with the best of both worlds. DJ and percussionist duo is quite a new trend that is becoming popular. Your wedding DJ in Toronto will play the music as selected by the client and guests and the live percussionist will take that music energy to the next level.

If you want to fill your wedding party with excitement and have a live feel of music then hire the percussionist along with DJ. You can create hype with the DJ music and accelerate the entertainment with the live percussionist. This absolutely unique combination renders a WOW factor to your wedding event.

Innovative drummer combo will make your event hard to forget for you and for guests. DJ Borhan DJ services also offer the percussionist services with the best percussionist in town. There is a wide variety of DJ collection and the music to play on drums to choose from. You can also choose your desired genres. Just let the DJ know about your demand.  This way you can customize your music playlist and DJ along with percussionist will deliver according to your preferences adding their expertise.

So, don’t forget to create a fabulous wedding event with perfect duo of expert DJ and percussionist.

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