After the success of the previous 6 Persian DJ Mix Albums of DJ Borhan from the 360 show, and on the great demand of his fans, the newest album launched on the 4th January, just in time to ring in the 2016 New Year. The 7th episode of the 360 show on is not your typical Persian dance DJ mix, but instead a collection of Persian House and feel good songs.

It’s my latest Persian DJ mix, which will put you in a great vibe. This 74 minute DJ mix with the upbeats and slow tempo songs is excellent for your long drives, studying, cleaning up and anything else that is background complementary.

DJ Borhan Just Me Mix

  1. Morteza Pashaei – Hese Jadid
  2. Ali Abdolmaleki – Delam Moonde Roo Dastam
  3. Mohammad Alizadeh – Hamine Ke Hast
  4. Saeed Kermani – Khabar Haleto
  5. Morteza Pashaei – Vaghti Delam Asheghete
  6. Sami Beigi ft Hossein Tohi – Bala
  7. Mehrshad – Kheily Ham Delet Bekhad
  8. Sami Beigi ft Hossein Tohi – Ba Man Miraghsi
  9. Armin 2AFM – Tebghe Mamool
  10. Benyamin – Havasam Be Tou
  11. Mohsen Yeganeh – Donbalesh Miram
  12. Hamis Askari – Eshghe To
  13. Pouya – Rabete
  14. Shahab Ramezan – Lahzeha
  15. Naser Zeynali – Kash Mishod
  16. Borhan – Dele Man
  17. Mohammad Alizadeh – Koja Miri
  1. Amir Farjam – Eshgham
  2. Fariborz Moshtaghi – Atre To
  3. Ali Lohrasbi – Gole Roz
  4. Alishmas ft Donya & Masoud – Hamnafas
  5. Afshin ft AmirAli – Bikhial
  6. Ali Pishtaz ft Samir – Bade To
  7. Armin 2AFM – Na Tabestoon Na Paeez
  8. Arash AP & Masih – Hanooz Hamoonam
  9. Mehdi Ahmadvand – Eshgham
  10. Sina Shabankhani – Cheshmat
  11. Alishmas ft Mehdi Jahani – Aroom Aroom
  12. Sina Shabankhani – Tabe Cheshmat
  13. Ali Lohrasbi – Tanha Ke Mishi
  14. Siavash Ghamsari – Mage Mishe
  15. Ehsan Khajeh Amiri – Second
  16. Ali Abdolmaleki – Tike Kalam
  17. Ahmad Saeedi – Recall
  18. Mehdi Moghaddam – Delam Tange

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Upcoming DJ Mix

Taking in view the popularity of last year Norouz Mix, the Annual Norroz Mix 2016, Episode 8 of the 360 show on, is right on its way. True to its tradition, it will be a Persian dance DJ mix with some Latin and American songs to spice it up.

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Canada's resident DJ, DJ Borhan specializes in wedding, corporate, international, and nightclub events. With over 12 years of DJing experience, which include worldwide appearances, you'll have peace of mind knowing he can rock any party! His unique DJing skills and passion for music has garnered him as one of Canada's highly sought after DJs in his niche.