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Getting married on a tropical island is becoming more and more common as it gives bride and grooms a more private and romantic wedding theme. Inviting friends and family over to a destination wedding can be an amazing experience for everyone. If you have a foreign background, there are some considerations you should know prior to the planning of the destination wedding. I’ve performed at many destination weddings, usually for my Persian DJ services. I’ve put together a short but effective list of things you should know before hiring a Persian destination wedding DJ, or any DJ for that matter.

Hiring a local DJ or a Persian DJ in Canada can be quite an amazing experience as you will have to meet the DJ before the actual wedding and explain your needs and requirements. A few of my past clients lived on the opposite side of Canada, so meeting in person was not viable. In situations like this, I recommend an Internet video-stream meeting like Skype or GoToMeeting.

The following is a list you should check with the Persian DJ service to make sure you cover the essentials.

Hiring a local DJ for a destination wedding


Depending on the destination (Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica) the music the DJs specialize in will differ. If you’re looking for a DJ who specializes in a type not provided by the resorts, I highly recommend hiring a DJ to perform at the destination wedding. The music is going to be an important aspect of your ceremony and reception, so relying on a CD, iPod or a DJ not familiar with the music you need is very risky.


The cost of hiring a Persian destination wedding DJ to perform abroad will be a bit more. The standard is have their flight, commute to hotel and airport, and 2 night resort stay accommodated. Some local DJ services may charge for business days they may miss while travelling.

I’ve had clients tell me it’s a vacation for the DJ, so they should AT LEAST cover half the costs. Not so much. In my opinion, a vacation for anyone would have to be a place and date they choose themselves. It would also involve no business work, hence the term “vacation”. Having said this, make sure the Persian DJ service you hire is professional, and strictly there for business; this includes to abstain from drinking when on the job.

Equipment arrangements

Since there is a luggage weight limit when travelling by air, all the equipment should be provided by the resort or venue. In most cases,  they have an in-house A/V team that supplies this equipment.

[quote_center]Be Aware![/quote_center]

Some resorts or hotels will overcharge you to use their sound system for the night, if you had not taken this up before confirming your stay. I had one client who was charged $2,000 for the setup and use of a basic sound system for one night. Make sure you have this arranged and written in your contract.

Perfect contract

Once you decide to hire a particular Persian DJ in Canada, always formulate a contract which creates a win-win situation for both parties. The contract should show exactly what the DJ service will provide and what is being provided by the client. Don’t let any aspect be left because of the ‘elephant in the room’.

If you’re looking for an experienced destination wedding DJ, contact me and we’ll make it the best wedding ever!

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