Persian wedding ceremony

Everyone loves to get dressed according to some good theme. So, why not plan for a Persian theme wedding? This theme has gained huge popularity not only for its uniqueness but can also include the best Persian DJ to add the needed spice and enjoyment to the entire wedding party. Thus, if you are finding it hard to organize one, here a few tips which might help.

Iranian color coordination

Persian wedding themes can be organized on the basis of red, black or white color to be worn by the guests. You could either use the color individually or combine them to get that perfect picture. Once you have decided on the combination you can use decorations of the same color to make the theme more appropriate. So with everyone dressed accordingly your wedding will surely be a success.

Javadi dance

The real Persian culture comes out when you set a theme based on Javadi dance. The best Persian DJ can be hired for this purpose. The Iranian DJ can keep the crowd engrossed in the rhythmic music for a few hours and you can be totally certain that your guests will be more than happy to attend your fun-filled wedding.

Local Persian theme

One of the most famous themes that are loved by many Persians is the local or suburban Persian theme. You could provide customized Persian costumes to your private guests and enhance their taste buds with specialized Persian cuisine or dishes which are famous and loved by the group.

Also an extra effect can be added to the entire wedding by hiring the best Persian DJ in Toronto who understands the local tradition and plays soothing sound tracks to suite the occasion perfectly. Hence, the amount of care and dedication you take to make the wedding a big hit will surely get reflected during the occasion.

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