2014 is in and BAM! I got a new Persian DJ mix for you filled with strictly the best Iranian party dance songs. 🙂 This Bia2.com Persian mix will be hosted on their Party Bazi podcast show. You can find various mixes from the best Persian DJs around the world posting the best Persian dance mixes online.

I took recent Persian songs (2012 – 2104), some of which were on previous mixes, and compiled them into one 46 minute Iranian party DJ Mix.


1. Sasy Mankan — Vay Cheghad Mastam Man

2. Shahab Tiam — Manoto

3. Pouya — Rize Rize

4. Moein — Majnoon

5. Sami Beigi — HMG

6. Amir Masoud — Be To Bastegi Dare

7. Mohsen Chavoshi — Beraghsa

8. Behnam Safavi — Soa Tafavom

9. Omid Jahan — Yarom Bia

10. Omid Jahan — Soheiloo

11. Ahmad Saeedi — Shadidan

12. Xaniar — Dasti Dasti

13. Mohsen Yeganeh — Dooset Daram

14. KamyR — Nemidoonam

15. Shayan — Doost Daram Khandehato

16. TM Bax — Bikhiale Farda

17. Saeed Kermani — Vaghti Hasti

18. Mohsen Yeganeh — Havai Shodi

19. Amir Tataloo — Sane Heyran

20. Ali Abdolmaleki — Bazam Delam Gerefte

21. Amir Shahriar — Mikhamet Toro

22. Zacon ft Mori — Aha Begoo

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DJ Borhan Mix 7

My next Iranian music mix will be the annual Norooz DJ mix. Staying with its own theme, it will be composed of Persian dance, slow, Persian waybacks, English Top40, and Persian house songs in a much longer set (74 min).

DJ Borhan 2014 Fall Mix

This is wayyyyy too far ahead to think of now, but it will most likely go with its earlier theme as well. Persian dance, Persian house and Latin-Spanish songs in a 74 min. mix.

Who knows, I might make another surprise mix too! 🙂

If you got any mix suggestions, or song requests for future mixes, drop me a line. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or leave a comment below.

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Canada’s Bia2.com resident DJ, DJ Borhan specializes in wedding, corporate, international, and nightclub events. With over 12 years of DJing experience, which include worldwide appearances, you’ll have peace of mind knowing he can rock any party! His unique DJing skills and passion for music has garnered him as one of Canada’s highly sought after DJs in his niche.