Aylar + Mark – Winter Wonderland Wedding

Heading into Aylar and Mark’s wedding on January 11, 2014, I knew it was going to be one for the books. Having DJ’ed their engagement party (a party that went until 2:30am strong), I stretched and braced myself for a night full of music and fun that will go until 3am. 🙂

Both coming from a Middle-eastern background, the music genre’s played were abundant. Arabic for the groom’s side, Iranian for the bride’s side and the usual Top40, Hip Hop and Latin hits that kept the dance-floor alive and energetic. Being a Persian DJ in Toronto, this repertoire of music is my speciality.

The night was carried out with a host of games (not the corny kind), lots and lots of dancing, video love-walk, and other entertainment that kept the guests engaged with the program.

Here’s a snippet of that great night.

Persian, Arabic, Hip Hop Wedding

Aylar and Mark went all out with their wedding accessories. Some key special effects they chose to make their night more memorable included:

LED DJ Booth Setup

Iranian DJ in Toronto


An LED DJ booth setup that complemented their reception hall. Having a Winter Wonderland Wedding, The jazzy blue LED colour gave life to the wall where the Toronto wedding DJ was situated. The DJ booth included Intelligent lighting as the primary lighting effect for the reception. A GREAT choice!

Snow Effect

Wedding DJ effects Toronto

Ice Sculpture

Wedding DJ in Toronto

Aylar and Mark chose the snow effect and a personalized ice sculpture martini bar to go with their Winter Wonderland themed wedding. As they had their romantic slow dance, small droplets of artificial snow fell from above, dazzling their guests and it will probably make their wedding photos look amazing too. The ice sculpture had their names engraved, which came as a stand alone martini bar as well.

Live percussionist with wedding DJ

The number one entertainment add-on, they went with the Live percussionist to play along the wedding DJ in Toronto. I always recommend this effect as it takes the party to the next level.

Wedding up-lighting

The room was fully draped with white wedding up-lights on the walls to signify a Winter theme. The room looked gorgeous, is all I can say.

Now, although these aren’t professional shots (taken by my assistant not their photographer,) they give you an idea of the craziness that went down that night. 🙂

Have the best wedding ever! Get in touch with me if you’re looking for a Persian wedding DJ in Toronto that will take your reception to the greatest! 🙂

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