The most beautiful weddings in the world are made by happy couples and lovely music. You simply cannot imagine a wedding without soulful enthralling tracks. People who are invited to your wedding have probably been to so many similar events before so you really need to jazz up your music tracks to create a great impression. Contact a great wedding dj in Toronto for help.

toronto wedding dj tips

Variety is the answer

You are going to have different types of guests at your wedding party. Everybody is not going to have the same taste in music so make sure that there is something which appeals to each guest segment. Make sure that the groom’s aunts, bride’s pretty young friends and work colleagues all enjoy the track. The wedding dj in Toronto is an expert at creating a medley of tracks that is going to keep people of all ages and occupations tapping their feet on the dance floor.

Make everybody feel special

On the back page of your reply card leave an option where each guest gets to share their favorite song. Ask the GTA DJ service to play all tracks requested along with the name of the person who requested the track. This is a pretty small thing to do but it will put a smile on everybody’s face as most people like it when they are given special attention.

Create a couple story

Of course the stars of the wedding are the bride and the groom. Every couple has a love story and most guests who attend the wedding would love to know more about it. Explain to the wedding dj in Toronto and he will prove the sweet sentimental story in songs. This way everybody at the wedding would get to see the personal aspect of it.

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