School dance prom DJ

Proms are meant for fun and you should make sure that have the time of your life on this occasion. You will obviously want to make a splash on your prom night. Arrange to have great food, dress up in your best suit and hire the best DJ in Toronto. If you want to organize a prom party consider these options well.

Set up some rocking music

After all a prom night is incomplete without some great music and equally hot moves on the dance floor. The music on the prom night should be selected carefully in accordance to the taste and preferences of the guest list. If you cannot decide on the correct mix of music then hire a good DJ in Toronto who will make sure that everybody in the party has an awesome time.

Arrange for a tasty menu

Everyone who comes to the prom night will remember basically three things; the great music, delicious food and the hot crowd. Tasty food is necessary for all happy occasions but when you are planning for a prom night you have to find ways to make the menu young and fresh. Firstly don’t keep anything too greasy and oily as people have primarily come to drink and dance. Cook up an innovative menu composed of mainly cocktail snacks with creative names.

Design and decoration

Set up a theme for the prom night. Think up a sixties theme or a retro monochrome look. Don’t stick to textbook ideas, use your imagination and design themes which are sure to catch the interest of the young crowd. Make sure each guest carries back a quirky memento of the party. Customized face masks and colorful bandannas with the prom night theme printed on it will make for cool gifts. Most DJ services in Toronto have special effects you can choose from. I would highly recommend lighting or a live percussionist, it is well worth the money spent.

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