Importance of wedding lighting effects

Lights are an all important part of any party, creating a desirable effect. At your wedding reception, lights set the mood for the occasion. If you want a soft romantic setting, opt for soft-coloured lights. If you are in the mood for an energetic reception, you can have plenty of bright colourful flashy lights. In any case, the wedding reception can look drastically better when elegant wedding lighting effects are used.

When selecting the type of lighting for your reception, consider the venue. Some wedding venues don’t allow Toronto wedding DJs to bring any lighting systems in. They have a strict policy to use their in-house systems.

Here is a short list of a few simple yet highly effective lighting systems you should consider for your wedding.

Wedding up-lights

A type of lighting where the light from an LED is bounced off a surface – usually up the wall to the ceiling – to create an even distribution of light. It’s generally placed up against columns or behind the head table. It is completely dependent on the reflective value of the surface being used. Wedding up-lights can also be used to draw attention to a particular fixture or area and set it apart from the rest of the décor. Typically, they’re used to illuminate the entire room, wedding cake or head table.

Use wedding up-lights in a variety of colours. They commonly come in 6 – 8 colours, however, if you’re illuminating your entire room, you can have the local wedding DJ setup a DMX controller. This allows flexibility with colours and dimness.

Intelligent Lighting

Th go-to lighting system for your dance-floor. This lighting system consists of robotic lights that are usually structured on a lit stand. They are connected to a laptop DMX system that allows various functionality. Because they are moving heads, you can project different colour lights at different areas ay time you want. Imagine using it as spotlight for speeches, grand entrance, slow dance, cake cutting, etc. You can also have floral patterns run up the walls during idle times at the reception (cocktail, dinner).

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