Tips from a local wedding DJ

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and you have probably spent months planning for it. Obviously, you would want your guests to always cherish the memory of this day. The problem is that most of your guests have probably attended scores of weddings in the past and you will have to exert yourself a bit to make a sustainable impression.

Plan well and stick to your plan

You will have to start your wedding planning at least 6 months in advance to your D day. The planning should cover everything from the venue arrangements to the decorations to the Toronto wedding percussionist you are planning to hire. Make sure that you arrange for a Toronto DJ and live drummer to entertain your guests

wedding drummer and dj

Avoid making last-minute changes to your plan unless necessary. Plan your guest list carefully so that you don’t leave out any important people.

Fend off sudden hunger pangs

Your guests are sure to experience mild hunger attacks in all the time they spend waiting for you and your partner to make a grand entry. So the answer lays in two essential words “hors d’oeuvres”.

Hunger can make even your loyal friends get cranky and irritated. Don’t keep anything too heavy and think like empanadas, veggie skewers, cheese balls, and fried macaroni and soup shots. This will keep your guests happy and satiated till lunch.

Arrange for wedding entertainment

Weddings should be all about fun so make sure that you have a wedding percussionist and a live DJ and drummer. The Toronto wedding entertainment market is brimming with funny and creative entertainment options which you can avail to make sure that your guests never ever get bored.

If you have arranged for a dance floor make sure that all your guests are up on their toes dancing their way to glory.

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