What influences the price for wedding entertainment

wedding dj costsDJs have become the norm in weddings these days. A DJ’s biggest strength is his music & personality. It is very important to relate to the guests and have a good understanding of music selection & timing. However, wedding DJ services do come at a cost and if you’re looking for great entertainment, it probably won’t be cheap.

Always remember, good wedding entertainment isn’t cheap, and cheap wedding entertainment isn’t good.

Wedding DJ Services

Many Toronto DJs have offer wedding DJ packages that can transform your reception. Typically, this should cover a wedding planners, song playlists, advance system setup and take down, multi-coloured LED dance lighting system and  play time (5 hours is standard minimum).

Depending on whom you choose to be your wedding entertainment DJ, you would either be charged against each of the services provided to you or be quoted a price inclusive of all services. Hence, prior to signing a contract with your wedding DJ you should get all the details clarified.

Good things come at a price

So, how much does a wedding DJ cost? This depends on how comfortable you are with the lighting, experience, equipment, music, and fun options. You should try unique things because your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.

In the short-term, wedding DJ prices will be a factor in your budget and most of the success of your wedding is based on the entertainment. So, when you go for a DJ, make sure you have the best one.

Also, make sure you include a wedding MC. This is the person at the forefront of your wedding. They choreograph the event. They tell your guests of every sequence of events as well as get people to the dance-floor. Do not underestimate the value of a good wedding MC. When hiring an MC, go for a separate MC who does only that. The 2 in 1 DJ and MC combo’s are a cheap and ineffective way to carry the night.

A standard wedding DJ package can start anywhere from $800 and up. Typical packages include:

  • Sound system setup and install for up to 150 guests
  • 7 Hours of DJ service and separate MC
  • In-person consultations

Depending on the experience and reputation of the Toronto wedding DJ, prices may be more. Anything less you should be skeptical of.

Complete wedding package

Remember, this is your special day and you will only get to do it once so it is important to make this as memorable and stress-free as possible. You will want to make a personal connection and know that the entertainment package you are hiring is the right one for your wedding.

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