Persian Wedding Ceremony – An Overview

All weddings are beautiful as they represent the union of two loving souls. But there is something unreal and mysterious about a typical Persian wedding which makes it one of the loveliest ceremonies ever invented by mankind, in my opinion anyway. 🙂 There is an amazing juxtaposition of history, symbolic grace and culture in the rituals which give a Persian wedding a special kind of flavour. As a Persian wedding DJ in Toronto, its been an experience witnessing such traditions.

The traditional Persian wedding ceremony

Persians have two major events during the wedding. One is the aghd aka wedding ceremony and the other is the aroosi or the aftermath celebration AKA wedding reception. These two events can be held months apart (usually not) and the aghd is usually reserved for intimate friends and close family members. The aghd requires a colorful and sunny outfit while a more formal dress is expected for the aroosi.

Persian aghd ceremony toronto

Modern Persian weddings

Modern Persian couples generally have their aghd and aroosi on the same day to cut on time and expenses. The ceremony is resplendent with amazing décor, Persian DJ Toronto and lots of beautiful ritual. The aghd is conducted in front of a gorgeous antique cloth called the sofreh-e-aghd.The couple sit in front of the sofreh which holds a variety of symbolic items. After the aghd is over, the Persian wedding DJ belts out soulful numbers.

persian wedding toronto

Traditional items required for the wedding

There are a lot of items which are placed on the Sofreh like a mirror, some honey, candy, beautifully decorated nuts and eggs, flowers and fresh blooms, precious gold and silver and some rosewater. Another necessity is the Holy Book.

All these items have different connotations and stories that explain their significance in the ceremony.

Modern couples opt for a more toned down version of the wedding while adding fun elements like hiring a Persian DJ Toronto. After all great music adds a touch of magic to weddings.

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