Uplighting to wow your guests

Lights are an all important part of any do. Lights can be used to create a desired effect. At your wedding reception, lights set the mood for the occasion. If you want a soft romantic setting, opt for soft coloured lights. If you are in the mood for a boisterous reception you can have plenty of bright colourful and vibrant lights. In any case, the dining area should be well-lit so that young and old alike have no problem selecting food and moving around the space.

When selecting the type of lighting for your reception, consider the venue If it is in a closed hall, you probably have pre-installed lighting which can be adjusted for brilliance according to the need. All you need then is decorative lights. If you are having an open air reception however, you will need to provide the basic lighting as well as decoration. Most Toronto wedding DJ services provide these lighting effects.

Toronto wedding up-lights

Wedding up lights are a type of lighting where the light from a bulb, is bounced off a surface – usually the ceiling – to create an even distribution of light and avoid glare. It is generally used in places which require uniform illumination and minimum glare. It is completely dependent on the reflective value of the surface being used. Up lights can also be used to draw attention to a particular fixture or area and set it apart from the rest of the décor.

purple uplighting for wedding

Toronto wedding uplight service are available in a variety of colours and hues. At your reception you can use up lights to highlight decorated pillars, highlight your wedding cake or light up the head table or light up the centre piece at a table. You could light up otherwise dark corners thus creating a cosy seating and also making the room spacious. Lighting up a surface of the ceiling can bring it to life and add height to the room. It can create an illusion of space in an otherwise small room.

Wedding monogram GOGO

Project a custom image, text or logo at your next event and captivate your audience with a Toronto monogram service. Our high-resolution monograms will be projected anywhere in your hall. Rotating or stand still this stunning effect can come in colour or black and white. A Bride and grooms name, a graduating class or corporate logos are just some of the popular uses. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary effect to make your event the party of the decade!​

gobo-monogram service
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