Questions to Ask when Choosing a Toronto Wedding DJ

A Toronto wedding DJ is the person who can set the right mood at your wedding reception. More than any other person, it is the DJ and MC whose efforts will make your wedding reception either truly memorable or a damp squib. Top wedding DJs set the right mood by blending the best music and songs so that everybody can have a truly enjoyable time.

Given the importance of Toronto wedding DJs, you must interview several performers before taking a last call. Talk to each of them armed with a questionnaire to ensure you don’t miss out on something important. Always ask to meet the DJ who will perform at your event (and not some representative). Top wedding DJs should come across as cool yet respectful towards your queries.

Enquire about the type of equipment the GTA DJ will carry for your event. Equipment should comprise the entire gamut of professional audio equipment like amplifiers, speakers and mixers. There should be seamless flow of music with no irritating breaks in between. Avoid DJs who work from laptops or iPods. Also clarify if the GTA DJ would adhere to your preferred list of music or stick to his own list or if he would entertain requests from your guests.

You may also want to know if your Toronto entertainment DJ will make the usual announcement for the cake cutting ceremony, toasts and first dance. Most top wedding DJs act as emcees at wedding receptions but if you want somebody from your family to do the announcements, you should ask if that is alright.

Other vital areas to inquire would be for a written contract and whether that contract includes costs for wireless microphones, special effects (lights, fog etc). Clarify whether the fees are on an hourly basis or as a Toronto wedding DJ package.

To evaluate his experience, ask how many weddings the DJ covers each year and for how long has he been in this business. It would be best if you could see a few top wedding DJs perform live at a reception or watch videos. You would want to check the dress, announcement style, body language and crowd motivation skills before deciding.