As we head into Fall, most of us drench the thought of Winter approaching. However, there are a few positives you can use to enlighten yourself:

  • Fall clothing is great
  • The changing of colours from tree leaves make a beautiful scenery
  • DJ Borhan Fall Mix gets released 🙂

DJ Borhan annual Fall Persian DJ Mix has been recorded and will be released on October 2nd, 2012. I have, however, distributed the private link to fans who couldn’t wait prior to that date. Over 70 minutes long and jam packed with the hottest, newest, and best Persian and Spanish songs for your enjoyment.

Getting your hands on it

This Persian DJ Mix will be available for free download off my website here. If you’re looking for the CD on hard copy, it will be only distributed at my events. Our upcoming Persian party in Toronto, which we will be the CD release party, will be on Sunday, October 28th, 2012, for our annual Halloween Party inside Marlowe.

Music Selection

Keeping with its formula, this Fall Persian DJ Mix consists of the newest and best rated Persian songs from the year as well as a few Spanish songs at the end of the mix. I decided not to only put Persian dance songs but as well as mellow, and relaxing Tango type Persian songs. I also took direct song requests from people engaging on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Although I’ve gotten a LARGE number of requests for songs from the golden years, I have not placed any on. I will, however, put them on my annual Norooz Persian DJ mix.

If you have any song requests for the upcoming mix, leave a comment below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

DJ Borhan Persian DJ Mix Fall 2012 – Track list

1. Armin Nosrati — Baba Karam
2. Milad Baran — Are To
3. Ahmad Saeedi — Vabastat Shodam
4. Zacon ft Mori — Aha Boogoo
5. 7th Band – Ye Rahi Pishe Rom Bezar
6. Benyamin — Zendegi Ba Tou
7. Shahab Tiam – Joonam Vasat Bege
8. Omid Zamani – Mamnoonam
9. Hamid Talebzadeh — Hamechi Aroome
10. Sami Begi — Ey Joonam
11. TM Bax — Too Kelas
12. Farshid Amin — Baad Az Nastaran
13. Davood Chargari — Khanoomam
14. Saeed Shayesteh – Royaye Shabaneh
15. Shahram Shabpareh – Nazi Jaan
16. Behnam Safavi — Daste Khodam Nist
17. Omid Hajali — Bia Berim Boom
18. Ali Abdolmaleki — Doret Begardam
19. Emad Talebzadeh — Man Asheghet Shodam
20. Pyruz — Joon E Baby
21. Mehdi Mojtabaei — Baroone Tabestoon
22. Pyruz — Dokhmalak
23. Mayan — Are Are
24. Gheysar — Shirini
25. Omid Jahan — Soheiloo
26. Nariman ft KamyR — Naz Nakon (Nazanin) remix
27. Mansour — Ayriliq
28. Reza — Niazami
29. Andy ft Shani — DJ
30. Don Omar ft 3BallMTY  – Intentalo remix
31. Shakira — Addicted To You
32. Michel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego
33. Daddy Yankee — Lovumba
34. Daddy Yankee ft Prince Royce — Ven Conmigo
35. Don Omar ft Juan Magan — Ella No Sigue Modas
36. Gustavo Lima — Balada Boa
37. Sami Beigi — Boro 2.0
38. Morteza Pashaei — Bia Bargard

Persian DJ Toronto

– DJ Borhan