Top 6 shameless vendor promotions to avoid when planning a wedding

You’ve spent all your valuable time and money organizing the dream wedding, you’ve consulted many, many, many professional wedding vendors and everything seems perfectly set. From your Toronto wedding decor to your wall washes and pin spots — your reception hall is a beauty. Little do you know, your wedding is going to be full of unexpected, shameless advertising from every wedding vendor you’ve hired. I’ve come across various situations where awkwardness sets in the room when some type of advertising from a wedding vendor distracts the guests from the main focal point (bride and groom). Fear not! I’ve come up with a list of things for a bride and groom to look out for, so you are not placed in such awkward moments.

When it’s okay for Toronto wedding vendors to advertise

If you hire a wedding vendor’s services then there should be no need for the wedding vendor to display their brand all over your elegantly decorated reception hall. The only exception to this would be if:

A) You allow and instruct the Toronto wedding vendor to advertise their services.

B) The wedding vendor is sponsoring your wedding.

Shameless wedding vendor promotion to look out for

Unless you want your wedding reception hall to look like the yellow pages — full of ads, here is a listĀ of the top 6 common ways Toronto wedding vendors will sneakily promote their business.

1. Business Cards

A popular way for wedding vendors to advertise their brand to your guests would be to leave business cards on every table.

2. Slideshow

If you’ve asked your wedding videographer or photographer to come up with a lovewalk or montage; make sure there is no advertising before, after or during the segment.

3. Banners

Make sure the wedding DJ in Toronto you hire does not place any glowing banners up around their DJ booth. Also, make sure no DJ logos are on the table or booth cover’s. Depending on the Toronto party DJ you may, or may not, want their logo displayed for your guests.

4. Announcements

The wedding MC hosts the night; they control what is said over the mic. Let them know, that should anyone request “a special thank you” to their company, it should be disregarded.

5. Attire

You want everyone in your reception hall looking, if not formal, at least semi-formal. Golf shirts with brand logo’s will not suffice.

6. In your face logos

I’ve seen many logos that just stick out inappropriately from various wedding vendors, such as venue logos on walls, yes walls! Logos on podiums, doors, centerpieces to name a few as well. This will take away from the ambiance your hall deserves and make it look like a cheap wedding. Small details that will jeopardize your wedding design.

There lots of other small details you want to check before your big night to make sure nothing tacky ruins your receptions cultivated beauty. For more tips before you hire check out my other posts.

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  1. I attended a wedding the other week, and these are some of what I witnessed:

    1. The photographer/video guys were dressed in orange T-SHIRTS with their logos/phone numbers pasted on their front side and backside
    2. The DJ and announcer also had Non-formal attire with logos around the DJ booth
    3. The announcer would yell the companies name every 2 minutes/made shout outs referring to their company name and logo
    4. The cake tasted like cardboard…yuck
    The list can go on… but a very serious discussion/meeting with everyone you hire for your wedding is very important to ensure quality control. They should be there to make your wedding an enjoyable experience, and NOT to bombard your event/wedding with advertisements.

    Oh forgot ADS everywhere on the slideshow, it was sickening!