Apps to help you choose the Top wedding DJ, photographer, venue and planner

With the advance of technology, today’s bride and groom can really scour their options when planning the biggest night of their life. Everything from reviews to the newest trends can be obtained with a click of a button. You could practically stream your wedding to numerous people all over the world in less than 30 minutes of setup time. Choosing your Ontario wedding DJ, wedding planner and venue are arguably the toughest decisions a couple makes, which is why I’ve come up with a list of friendly phone apps that will help you along the way.

Top 5 wedding app must haves


You no longer need to follow 50 blogs to get ideas for your upcoming wedding. provides a user-friendly visual interface where pictures are posted by editors and users. With daily updates, has over 100,000 pictures to be inspired from.

2. Wedding Party

You know that guy that comes up to you at the wedding and asks you to say nice things about the bride and groom into their microphone in front of the video camera? Well if you turned that guy into an app, Wedding Party is what you’d get. Wedding Party allows guests to take part in a digital wedding album by sharing photos, videos and signing the guest book. All of the data will be stored online for the couple to have right away. No longer does the couple have to ask their guests to send them the photos they took at their wedding. Wedding Party automatically arranges this into a chronological timeline format organized in a photo gallery.

3. weddinglovely

Your wedding planner bundled up in an app. This app offers great advice from hiring the top wedding DJ to picking your flowers then it links you to their services. Although you’ll still need a wedding planner to cue every sequence of events during your ceremony and reception, this app can give you helpful advice to everything leading up to your wedding.

4. Appy Couple

If you’re a tech savvy bride this is the app for you. Appy Couple allows clients to build their own app. They can include a list of services that they need then organize each with friends associated with the wedding. Whether you’re looking for a mobile DJ in Toronto or a wedding decor service, Appy Couple will give you a directory of recommended vendors. If you’re caught up in between a list of events such as your bachelorette, engagement and rehearsal, this app makes everything a lot easier to manage.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest needs no introduction. This social media beast has a large database of loyal and active daily users, most of which are female. In their weddings category, future brides can get real nifty ideas on differentiating their wedding one piece at a time. Members ‘Pin’ creative posts that are linked back to blogs that describe what the ‘Pin’ is about. Posts that have been ‘Repinned’ the most lurk at the top where they get the most attention. This site is great for the bride who wants to get creative with anything from wedding utensils to the savory table.

All of these apps can be downloaded on the iPhone or from Android based devises. They’ll help you with selecting the right Toronto party DJ or give you ideas on how to decorate anything from food to the venue hall.

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