Disaster-proof Your Wedding With These DJ Tips

wedding dj hiring tips

Your day has come and all the stress of the last 6 months is about to pay off. It’s your wedding day and the last thing anyone would want is an unexpected disaster to ruin anything. Although rare, thanks to YouTube we know this happens over and over. The following are the 5 top points you want to take up with your wedding vendors to ensure a smooth and fun-filled night.

5 Things to make sure your Toronto DJ doesn’t do

5. Shameless Advertisement

One thing you want to make sure of, after all that money spent decorating your hall; there are no cheap forms of advertising from any Toronto wedding vendors. Any shameless advertising from your Toronto wedding DJ will degrade the elegance of your reception hall. Ads including banners, table cover ads, business cards left on tables and repeated brand announcement over the microphone.

4. Formal Wedding Attire

Unless given other instructions by the client, the wedding DJ in Toronto should always be dressed in nothing less than a formal suit. You spend a lot of money and efforts making your reception hall look aw-inspiring, make sure your hired wedding entertainment is not an eyesore. This may seem obvious but numerous times I’ve seen wedding DJs dressed in casual attire during a wedding. Talk to your Toronto wedding entertainment and specify exactly what you expect in regards to their apparel.

3. Smoke Breaks

Preferably, the wedding DJ in Toronto you want to hire should abstain from smoking. If any of your wedding vendors do smoke, make sure they have a replacement for the time they’re gone. This would make sure any photos, announcements, or songs that need to be played are done so, at that particular time.

2. Drinking On The Job

This may be self-explanatory, but make sure you do cover this aspect when hiring your Toronto party DJ. The last thing you would want is a clip of your wedding on YouTube titled “Wedding Disaster”.

1. Reliability

Many will claim this quality but it is critical that you’re assured this quality. Reliability includes being punctual; arriving on time and being ready for anything that may unwillingly come up. This includes having a backup plan in case of system failure.

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