Best Persian Party Themes

Everyone loves a theme! It gives incentive and a reason to dress a certain way. DJ’ing private events and even public ones I’ve noticed parties with a particular theme have become more and more popular. If you have cooperating guests you may want to consider the following to spice up your next Persian party in Toronto.  The following is a short list of the best themes I’ve seen that work well for private Persian parties.

Colour Theme

You can have an all white theme, all black theme (even though Iranians love wearing black and that wouldn’t be too far off from a regular party) an all red theme or…you get the picture. As long as everybody cooperates, it will be a buzzing atmosphere, having everyone dressed in the same colour. You may even want to make it a duo colour theme such as a Black and White night.

Persian Javad party Toronto - DJ Borhan

Javad or Dush Mashti Party Theme

This is where you get REAL Persian! Everyone dresses and dances ‘Javadi’. Make sure the Persian DJ in Toronto you hire, can accommodate 3-4 hours of Dush Mashti or Javadi music. Although it may not be ‘Javadi’ music the entire night, a party that is usually 5-6 hours long should have at least 3-4 hours of ‘Javadi’ music playing.

persian event in toronto

Celebrity Theme

Guests all dress up as their favorite celebrity. It does not have to be a Persian celebrity. Movie actor, singer, or favorite athlete work well. This differs from Halloween in that you can only dress as someone famous. An added effect you can use to enhance this theme is to have your Toronto DJ play music videos instead of regular songs. Learn more about a Video-DJ here.

Mahali Party

If you have guests that are mostly from suburban Iran, you could have a party themed for that. Dressing up in their local outfits, you would also serve food specialized to their city or region. Kurd, Turk, Shomali, etc. etc. When you hire your Toronto Persian DJ, make sure they can accommodate the types of music required for this theme.

Have you attend a party that focuses on a particular theme? How did you like? Leave a comment here or join in on the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

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