You want your wedding guests to be startled the second they walk into your reception. Without breaking the bank, you want to get the most out of your dollars spent. In my opinion, the Toronto wedding entertainment and food are the 2 most important aspects of the reception. These are 2 elements in which your guests will be talking about the most, the minute they leave the reception. Albeit, your wedding reception decor will have a big influence as well. You want to ‘WOW’ your guests the moment they step foot into your wedding reception hall. So how do you give off that first big impression without breaking the bank? I’ve come up with 2 dazzling effects that are inexpensive and very decorative. Although I am in the Toronto wedding entertainment field, I’ve worked with plenty of Toronto wedding planners and have scooped up some information on cost effective ways to decorate your wedding reception hall. You want to give off a fancy, shmancy look but with so many choices you don’t know which element or effect to choose over the other. Here are 2 inexpensive considerations for you when you’re making that decision.

Wedding Decor Up lighting

These are small standalone lights that beam up (usually against a column) a variety of different colours. The number of lights and the colours you choose are based on your discretion. This illuminating effect, when used properly, can be very powerful. Depending on the Toronto wedding vendor you choose to install this effect, prices can range from $20 – $30 per light. Typical reception halls require approximately 15 – 20 lights. If you average this out, you’re looking at about $300-$400 for this effect, installed.

Wedding Decor Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot lights are sharp focuses of light beaming down from the ceiling onto the floral center pieces. Typically, you would pinspot every guest table complementing the flowers on the center piece. Different Toronto wedding vendors have different prices; they may be priced per table or as a set. Cost prices range about $500-$700 for a average hall with 10 tables.

Two wedding decor effects you won’t regret.

Put these pin spots and wedding up-lighting effects together, dim the lights and you got something magical. The prices I’ve listed are averages. Although these prices can differ according to location, venue type and location, you can shop around for a competitively priced, quality service. These 2 dazzling wedding effects would sum up to approximately $1,000 installed and ready to shine. This is definitely something you want to consider. Talk to your Toronto wedding planner, Toronto wedding vendor or your Toronto wedding DJ for details.

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