Just finished revamping my website and I’ve added to it a few English DJ mixes for people to enjoy. Although the layout and design is the same www.djborhan.com, it has been restructured from flash to HTML5. Without getting into all that technical mumbo jumbo, what this ultimately means is a faster and more user friendly experience for the visitor.

Top40 Club and Rock DJ Mix

On my DJ Mixes page I have added 2 new mixes for users to enjoy. My 2012 club DJ Mix is a 20 minute nonstop mix of club dance beats. Here is the track list

1. Whitney Houston – Dance with somebody

2. Mr. Vegas – Tamale

3. Pitbull – Rock the boat

4. Flo Rida – Run to you

5. Chris Brown – Run it

6. Chris Brown – Turn up the music

7. Nicki Minaj – Starships

8. Madonna – Give me all your lovin

9. Gym Class Hereos – Ass back home

I have also added a Rock and Roll DJ mix. Rock music classics from Bon Jovi to ACDC on a 25 minute non stop DJ Mix.

Now of course both of these mixes have had all their songs remixed to give extra energy on the dance-floor. Unlike my Persian DJ mixes, my English DJ mixes are not available for download, so users have to visit my DJ Mixes page every time they want to jam to them.

What’s your favorite mix on my page? What mix do you really want to hear? I think my next English DJ mix will be a Hip Hop mix (my specialty) ;). My next Persian DJ mix may be another Persian powermix. Mixing old classic Persian songs with new uptempo beats.

What suggestions do you have for my website, DJ mixes or DJ services in Toronto? Leave a comment here or on my Facebook and/or Twitter page.

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