It’s becoming more and more popular adding a live percussionist and DJ to events, especially weddings. At least 75% of my latest event bookings requested to have a live percussionist, that’s without me even offering it. People are noticing the positive influence it can have on the dance-floor and opting in on this awesome effect. Although it’s not a ‘make it or break it’ element (your Toronto party DJ is) it certainly does add flavour to your party. Combining both digital and live sound you get the best of both worlds and a recipe for a great party!

A party percussionist plays on top of the music being played by the Toronto party DJ, giving it a lively feel. There are numerous instruments you can choose for the percussionist to play, depending on the type of music your party requires. With the majority of my events being in either English or Persian, instruments I recommend for the party host are:

Drum Set

Can be played with any type of dance music. You can really feel the music with the live party drummer.


Played more with high tempo music. With the Djembe, the percussionist can get right into the crowd and play on the dance-floor. This gives a real spectacle to the guests, as they feel more engaged with the party. The vibe the Djembe player can give off can be very energizing.

Tonbak / Darbuka

Played with Gheri and Bandari Persian beats. With a talented percussionist player, you can really energize guests with a snippet solo performance before: the dancing starts, an intro for a bride and groom or other creative ideas that will add to the party atmosphere.

Which instrument is right for your party?

Any of these 3 options will spice up your event regardless of the type of party you are having. Each producing a different sound and vibe that brings different flavours to your party. Number one on my list and what I always recommend is the drum set. With the live drummer you can feel the difference with the music. The drum beats also can be played with all types of Persian and English songs. If you have an upcoming wedding party, school party or corporate function talk to your Toronto DJ service about this feature. Here is a video of a live party drummer playing with DJ Borhan.

Persian Wedding in Toronto – DJ Borhan and Live Drummer


Have you experienced a live party percussionist playing with the DJ? What did you think of it? Would you consider it for your next party? Leave a feedback or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.