I’m sitting down with a potential client and the question pops up, “what’s your DJ style?” This question kind of confuses me as it could mean so many things. “Do you DJ mix songs or do you let the song finish, then play the next?” is what they actually mean. Isn’t the whole point of a GTA DJ service to mix songs together? As obvious as it may seem, I get this question more times than you would think. One client told me they were at a wedding where the local wedding DJ was not mixing, instead letting a song finish then starting the next. A big no no!

With the advance of technology, DJ equipment and programs are cheaper than ever (quality is sacrificed with the cheaper equipment). The DJ industry has seen a tremendous boom in upcoming DJs in the last few years because of this. For every one professional experienced DJ offering services, there are ten who claim to be. They may have a membership at the local equipment rental store and a collection of the newest music however ask them the BPM of a song just by listening to it and they stare blankly back at you. This could be crucial if you have an important event such as a wedding.

What is DJ Beat-matching?

DJ Beat-matching a.k.a. DJ mixing simply put is transitioning from one song to another as smooth and clean as possible. This is essential if, when DJing, you need to go from song A to song B without interrupting the flow of the dance-floor. Keeping the momentum going is the basic concept, beat-matching creativity is where DJs individualize themselves from others. Here is a great video from Bassisloaded on the importance of beat-matching.

As you can see, it makes a big difference when the DJ can fluently transition between one song to another. For upcoming prospective DJs here is an excellent article on learning to beat-match.

A few ways you can use to determine whether the DJ in question has the beat-matching experience to keep your dance-floor’s momentum are:

– Ask for DJ mixes. This gives you an idea of how the DJ transitions from one song to another.

– Ask to see the DJ live. This is the best method as you can see the DJ perform live.

– Ask for their experience. Beat-matching is a skill that takes years to develop.

Have you experienced a DJ who can keep the flow of the dance-floor or not? How did you feel?

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