DJ Borhan Persian Party Mix 6

Spring is in the air, flowers are blossoming, grass is green and the Sun is shining! Or so it seems, if you’re living south of Canada. With all the great spring like weather we’ve received in Toronto this winter, seems like Mother Nature is trying to show her last winter efforts these last days of February. With spring arriving it also brings with it my annual Norouz Persian DJ mix. In its 6th edition, it promises to deliver the quality you expect from a DJ Borhan mix.

Divided into 3 parts, it packs in 51 songs on 1 CD. 44 Persian and 7 English Top40 songs. How did I come up with the 51-song selection list? A few factors come into play in how the Persian songs are selected:

1)     I see which songs deliver well at my gigs.

2)     Songs that are highly requested.

3)     Posting songs on my Facebook Page, I review the feedback from comments and Likes.

4)     Listen to the people. People tell me songs they would love on the CD and if suitable I comply.

5)     I personally like the song myself.

With all the different types of Persian music (Persian Pop, Old School, Persian House, etc.) I tried to get every genre in to satisfy everyone. Although I never repeat a song on a mix or performance (unless requested profusely) I did throw in a couple songs in this Persian DJ mix that were already in DJ Borhan 2011 Fall Persian DJ mix for a couple reasons: They are really good songs, they are songs that are new and they have been requested a lot throughout my gigs.

Persian Mix Part 1

Part 1 is a compilation of new Persian pop songs that are relatively new.

1. Barobax – Bodo Dire

2. Arash – Melody

3. Omid Jahan – Siya

4. Pejman Karimi – Dokhtare Hamsaye

5. Andy – Hana

6. Korous – Chaie Chaie

7. Valy – Mikham Toro Bibinam

8. Gheysar – Midoone

9. Javid Citizen – Musike Sefareshi

Persian Mix Part 2

Part 2 is a compilation of more Persian Pop and a few slow Persian songs.

10. Payam ft Kamyar & Shahram – Koochatoon

11. Hamid Asghari – Medley

12. Hamid Asghari – Medley pt2

13. Hamid Asghari – Medley pt 3

14. Saeed Tataie – Baz Mesle Harshab

15. Amir Yeganeh – Ba To Hastam

16. Ahmad Saeedi ft Emad – Zendegiro Ba to Mikham

17. Barad – Toro Be Dast Avordam

18. Amir Yeganeh – Hess

19. Kandi – Fereshteh

20. Elcid – Kalagha

21. Moein – Majnoon

22. Ali Danial – Goli

23. Nariman – Dooset Daram

24. Tataloo – Pishesh Nemishinam

25. Saeed Kermani – Asheghet Misham

26. Ehsan Khaje Amiri – Daram Miyam Pishet

27. Ali Abdolmaleki – Bazam Delam Gerefte

Persian Mix Part 3

Part 3 is a compilation of ‘Retro’ Persian, Persian House and English Top40 songs.

28. Andy – Che Ehsashe Ghashangi

29. Arian Band – Parvaz

30. Arian Band – Aroom Aroom

31. Moein – To Khoobi

32. Hayedeh – Vay Be Halesh

33. Farshid Amin – Nastaran

34. Ashkin ft Alishmas – Gher

35. Tara – Agha Balasar

36. Omid – Yasaman

37. Fataneh – Asheghe Mane

38. Leila Forouhar – Vadeh

39. Andy – Dokhtar Irooni

40. Behnam Safavi – Eshghe Binazir

41. Mohsen Chavoshi – Gheire Mamooli

42. Mohammad Alizadeh – Avalin Bare

43. Shadmehr – Halam Avaz Mishe

44. Roozbeh Nematolahi – Darya

45. Alexandra Stan – Saxobeat

46. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

47. Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music

48. LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It

49. Enrique ft Pitbull – I Like How It Feels

50. Whitney Houston – Dance With Somebody

51. Rihanna – We Found Love

What do you think of the songs and of the mix as a whole? Share your comments. Find me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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