What to know before hiring a Toronto party DJ

Finding the right Toronto DJ service can be a really overwhelming process, especially if you are picky with the music for your special night (who isn’t right?). You’ve got a wedding, corporate party or just a family get-together and you’re looking for the best entertainment, where do you go? Here’s a list of the best sources to check and top ‘must ask’ questions when selecting a DJ or entertainment service.

Top 3 Sources to Hire a DJ


  • Ask friends and family member if they know of any good Toronto DJ services they can recommend. Word of mouth is usually the most reliable.


  • If you have a few local DJs in mind check their online credentials. Do they have a website? Do they have a social media following (YouTube, Facebook, and/or Twitter)? Do they have testimonials from past clients? Sites like Yelp give you great user reviews from people who have experienced services from that particular company.


  • Whether you need wedding DJ services or a corporate party DJ service; exhibits that host bridal shows and what not are excellent places you can meet a DJ team directly.  This gives you the opportunity to have a brief Q&A with the DJ as well as sample their work.

The questions you ask can really be the pivoting point on whether you hire that particular Toronto DJ service or not. Asking the right questions will give you peace of mind and also clarity. Most websites have an FAQ page which helps.

Top 6 ‘Must Ask’ Questions to Ask a DJ Before Hiring

1)    Does the DJ service provide a Backup system or plan?

Regardless of how advanced their system is, do they provide a backup system or plan should something go wrong?

2)    How much experience does the DJ have?

How many years’ experience do they have? How many gigs have they performed at? How often do they DJ?

3)    Why hire your Toronto DJ services over another?

It’s okay to openly ask “why should I hire your DJ services over any other DJ services?”

What can they provide over other DJs and what sets them apart from other disc jockeys?

4)    References

Do they have any references or DJ testimonials? Do they have any demo of their work? Are they available at public events for you to hear them live?

5)    Music requests

Do you take a list of song selections prior to the event? Do you take requests during the event?

6)    What’s included in the contracted package?

You want to make sure every detail that is discussed is also set out on paper. You don’t want to be surprised with an invoice with hidden charges like setup and take down charges or overtime fees.

Have you hired a DJ service recently? Where there any questions you had prior to signing a contract? Share your comments and thoughts here. You can also join me the discussion on my Facebook and Twitter.

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