Video DJ Briefing

Video DJ service TorontoVideo DJing (VJ), what is it? It has nothing to do with recording the DJ with a camera. It’s when music videos of the songs the DJ plays get displayed on TV’s, Projection screens or any other displays inside the venue. It’s actually not a new concept; I remember having a video DJ event at our junior high school dance. Yes it’s that old! It never caught on into mainstream mainly because of a few factors:

1) Costs – To offer this performance the DJ has to add the supporting software, the connection, hardware and the displays to name a few which can cost a lot. Then there’s the cost of buying the actual music video files which can cost more than regular songs. Video files usually take up to more than 20 times more disk storage than a regular mp3 song files, meaning more expensive hard drives are needed.

2) Technology – When they were first introduced the quality was not up to par. Now that we have HD and MP4 formats, music videos can be played with great quality.

3) Dedication – More work has to be put in by the DJ. Since not all songs have music videos, transitioning from music video to regular song can be more difficult. It can also affect the DJs playlist which may influence their performance.

Where Would You Video DJ?

A more popular effect in nightclubs especially in the States and party cities like Cancun and Ibiza, Video DJing is starting to make its way back into the limelight. In Toronto we first introduced this at our Persian Party inside MiNT Nightclub on Nov 18th 2011. As the first Persian DJ in Toronto to offer this service it was very unique and entertaining.

Benefiting Your Event

1) Differentiate your party from all the others – I recently VJed a wedding with great success. The songs that didn’t have music videos would show a slide show of the bride and groom on the display. It would transition back and forth and it definitely had the guests ecstatic.

2) Exciting – Although I just got into VJing, the few events I have done I noticed all the guests were delightfully surprised and intrigued with this effect.

Here is a clip from a fellow VJ. It’ll give you a quick glimpse of what it’s all about.

Now imagine your favorite song’s music video being played on big screens as your on the dance-floor. Quite captivating!

If you’re planning an event talk to your hired DJ entertainment teamand ask if they offer this service, if done right you won’t regret it. Our next public event which will have the Video DJing concept will be on Friday the 13th of January 2012 inside MiNT nightclub. The first Persian Party in Toronto to kick off 2012 (Also my birthday bash party). 🙂

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