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Choosing the Right DJ for a Holiday Party

Looking for holiday party djs with Christmas just round the corner? There is really nothing to beat the excitement of having a Christmas party DJ to belt out the latest songs for your guests and get them on to the dance floor. Here are some tips to help you choose the right DJ entertainment for your holiday party.

What songs will the DJ play?

When you are looking specifically for holiday party entertainment, it makes sense to check with the entertainment team for the kind of songs that the DJ will play at the party. If you have a particular theme in mind for your Christmas party, you need the right songs to go with the ambiance and encourage people to participate in the dancing. You also need to get information about who will choose the songs and whether requests are welcome. Most commonly a list of songs to be played and sometimes not to be played is taken from the DJ prior to the event.

Booking a Christmas party DJ

During high seasonal dates there are many people hiring DJs for their holiday party, so booking your DJ or entertainment as early as possible will ensure that you have the DJ you want.  Events such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties require you to book the DJ well in advance. The demand is high during this season and to be sure you get your preferred entertainment it is strongly recommended that you do your bookings early. You can check for Christmas party entertainment online, ask friends or family for referrals or through your local yellow pages.

Experienced DJs

When you are specifically hiring a Christmas party DJ, make sure that he/she has played at such an occasion before. Since Christmas involves both religious as well as social aspects, the DJ must make sure he/she does not hurt the sentiments of the people at the party by playing songs that do not conform to the occasion. Talk to the DJ or entertainment team before you hire them and ask for their previous experiences or if they have any testimonials. If they have been referred, then your decision should be a lot easier. Special effect lighting will add to any occasion, I have written a post on the importance of it. So I won’t get into detail but make sure you talk to your entertainment DJ to see what options they offer.

Have you booked your Christmas party DJ yet? Have you ever experienced a really good or bad DJ? What are some recommendations you have for others? Leave a comment or find me on Facebook or Twitter.