Wedding special effects can add charm and glamour to any reception hall. If you are looking to do so, you can check with any wedding entertainment services for a list of special effects they offer. Most common special effects used to enhance the wedding reception include dance-floor lighting, Dry Ice, custom GOBO’s and wedding reception up lighting.

lighting dj effects

Dance-floor lighting for different themes

Good lighting makes all the difference between an ordinary event and an extraordinary one. Besides, if you are planning a wedding party with a particular theme in mind, lighting can enhance the appearance of the décor in your reception hall. The lighting setup will depend on what theme you which to accomplish. Intelligent lighting for the most part flash single colours – typically used for an elegant theme. LED and Laser lighting systems flash multicolour and are used to give more of a party/club vibe. Most of the Toronto wedding entertainment services will have sample of their work and can give you their professional advice on what will make your wedding reception hall really stand out.

Example of single colour Intelligent lighting


Example of multicolour Laser and LED lighting


wedding dry ice effect

Dry Ice

Dry Ice machines produce a low laying fog. This effect is commonly used for slow dances, grand entrances and sometimes for the cutting of the cake. The difference between Dry Ice and a regular fog machine is essentially quality. The Dry Ice will hover around your knees. It makes it seem like you are dancing on top of clouds. This is achieved by lowering frozen carbon dioxide pellets into hot water which in turn sublimates into a gas. Because the gas is cooler than air it lays low. It’s like a cloud that is afraid of heights. Traditional fog machines spray out fog which you have no control over where they disburse. Unlike fog machines, Dry Ice is elegant looking, doesn’t leave a mess on the floor, is odorless and soundless. Which is why it costs usually 3-4 times more than a regular fog machine. But anyone who has purchased this service will tell you it’s good bang for your buck.

For an even bigger spectacle, you can add mix dance-floor lighting and Dry Ice. You can tell your DJ or service provider to set one colour on the Dry Ice, so the ‘cloud’ you are dancing on has an illuminating effect. Most GTA DJ services have packages that include both dance-floor lighting and Dry Ice for a nominal price.

Importance of Special Effects

Choosing the right wedding special effects and especially appropriate lighting is of utmost importance for any wedding event. Lighting gives ambiance to the décor and it plays a big role in keeping the guests hooked to the dance floor and feeling live in that duration. Wedding decor will set the stage as soon as the guests step into the reception hall. Whether you are getting Wall-washes or Pin-spotting, this effect can truly be jaw dropping. You can request these services from several providers. Your DJ Entertainment may provide it, the venue may offer these services as well as 3rd party companies that specialize in wedding decor.

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  1. I agree! Great advice. I’m a mobile DJ myself and when you’re performing, especially for a wedding, everything matters! Lighting and special effects like fog can really make the event “pop” well beyond what the right track can do. And when done right, the right lighting, effects, and music can instantly make the night unforgettable.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I think with the advances in technology, the effects are becoming much more cost efficient and user friendly so it’s becoming a standard for DJs to include them. It can take any event to new heights 🙂