Are you thinking of hiring a Persian wedding DJ in Toronto for your big celebration? A wedding is definitely a big occasion to celebrate and the celebration can be really an extravagant one when you include the proper DJ entertainment. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when you are thinking of hiring a DJ for your wedding.

Does a Persian Wedding DJ come within your budget?

The first thing you must do before you set out to hire a DJ for the wedding is to check out various DJs and their teams and the price they charge per performance. Only after considering various options, should you choose a DJ and that too only after talking to them or their managers personally. This way, there will be no ambiguity about the pricing as well as the number of performances given by the DJ.

Find out about the songs they play

If you understand what Persian weddings are all about, you would probably know what songs are going to be played at the wedding. However, if you are not sure about the band or the DJ, you should make it a point to check with the Persian wedding DJ if he will play what you want for your wedding ceremony. It is obvious that there will be no time for arguments at the actual wedding.

Do they play special requests?

Some DJs tend to play what they what and may not give in to requests unless it is pre-decided. Also, you may have to check out if they will charge additionally for it. For special requests, you may also need to keep a CD ready if you want specific songs to be played in case the DJ does not have them. Talk to the DJ and you will know how to handle this situation at your wedding better.

How long in advance are bookings done?

For many Persian weddings, DJs are often booked well in advance. If you are approaching a Persian DJ in Toronto who is known to you or through an acquaintance, it is important that you know you will get them for your wedding. It is always a good thing not to assume that you can book a DJ of your choice at the last moment.

So before you hire a Persian wedding DJ, make sure you check out all the details and only then take a decision.

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